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The folks here at Themeco are passionate about WordPress and pushing it to the limits both in terms of functionality and design. While we like to be on the cutting edge, we believe there is a difference between trend and innovation, and that it’s our job to figure out which is which. Instead of creating just another WordPress Theme, we set out to do something different. After all, who wants to be like everyone else?
Imagine being able to buy a theme that had multiple unique designs built right into it. We call these individual designs Stacks, and they provide you with completely unique website designs built into the powerful X theme. Each Stack has its own look and feel allowing you to create virtually any “look” you desire. Next, imagine each Stack was expertly crafted by leading industry professionals adhering to all the best development and business practices so as to not only give you a nice looking site but one that is optimized for performance, search engine visibility, and built with all the latest features and functionality.

Finally, imagine that you were also provided with unprecedented controls that allowed you, with the simple click of the mouse, to make an endless amount of adjustments to your site. Want the header fixed and huge on the left? No problem. Want it floating and skinny at the top? You bet. Want the max width of your site to be only 500 pixels? You got it. How about a cool textured background or image? Absolutely!

Live Editing With X

The WordPress Customizer is a new and exciting feature that combines theme options with the ability to live preview those changes before saving them. Do you ever get tired of reloading a page to see the results of your customization by constantly clicking back and forth? Those days are over! With X and the WordPress Customizer, you’ll see every change while not affecting the live version of your site. It doesn’t matter if you change colors, layout type, text, or images, everything will be reflected back to you, giving you the choice to publish those changes or simply return to your old version.
The inclusion of the WordPress Customizer in X is an exciting one as it keeps our theme free of “code bloat” by not having to include an additional admin panel. Ultimately, this all means that we’re using native features maintained and updated by the core WordPress team and bringing you the latest and greatest features WordPress has to offer. Get ready for the most enjoyable WordPress customization environment you’ll ever experience.

Responsive Design is a must these days. Having a proper appearance on devices like tablets and smartphone can be important when trying to get new customers or keep your visitors attention. A lot of people only have time to check out things when they are traveling so it makes sense to have your site optimized for every possible kind of device. With X, you can rest assured that no matter what device people access your site from, it will always look pixel perfect.
DID YOU KNOW: All Stacks are included with your purchase of X, so be sure to check out the Integrity, Renew, and Icon demos as well. It’s hard to believe that all of these looks can be accomplished with just one theme, but that is the beauty of X. Pick up your copy today and discover why X is the most popular new product on ThemeForest.

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