Hidden Colors 4 Sells Out Around The Country

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From Tariq Nasheed Facebook


I would like to give my warmest thanks to all the people who came out across the country to see Hidden Colors 4 last night. Every theater around the country was sold out. And today the pre-sales for the DvD on #Amazon has the film listed in the #2 best selling documentary spot. Many people are saying this is the best #HiddenColors installment to date.


The fact that thousands of Black people around the country came out in record numbers to watch an#African history film that was about Black empowerment, WITHOUT ANY HELP OR PROMOTION FROM THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, shows that there is a Melanoid awakening happening.

There were children, teens, parents and elders at these screenings all over the country all on the same page. Stop letting people tell the lie that#BlackPeople will only gravitate towards things that are rowdy or ratchet.

When we take control of our historical narrative and image, the energy created from that is undeniable. So again I give thanks, and I’m so proud of everyone who came out to participate in this movement. www.hiddencolorsfilm.com #hiddencolors4 – Tariq Nasheed

HC4 and chill


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